Love them as we love them, and we will be the perfect match. -Amanda

Characteristics of a Siberian

As many people refer to dogs being a man’s best friend, I like to say a Siberian is a human’s best friend. With very similar characteristics of a dog our sibs love to play fetch, beg for food, cuddle under the blankets and just be next to you. Siberians are strong, and adventurous with round curious eyes and lustrous coat. They are highly intelligent cats that can even learn tricks if you devote enough time to training them. Sit, shake,roll and toss them a ball, they can do it all!

Siberians are very personable and prefer being near their owners. Sibs are easygoing while being fearless. They are good with any kind of company such as children, dogs, and other animals.

  • In Russia Siberians are often found in fairytales and children’s books.
  • The typical lifespan of a Siberian is 10-18 years.
  • Unlike most cats Siberians enjoy water and may even try to join you in the shower.
  • Siberian cats are the most cold-resistant domesticated feline.

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